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geoAdvantage integrates data from many county, state, federal and private sources in a single database. That data is then refined to deliver clean consistent reports and successful lead generation. Its frequent updates ensure users have access to the best and most accurate results. The geoAdvantage full GIS platform includes numerous maps like aerial, street, topography, zoning, flood and more.


Produce profiles, comparable reports, complex FARM requests and prospecting lists, as well as, detailed GIS and Assessor maps in seconds with unique search criteria and a user friendly interface, saving valuable time and resources. Continual enhancements satisfy the requirements of distinct locations. In addition, the web based subscription service allows users unrestricted access 24/7 from any location.


Decrease costs with one reliable source that fulfills the data, reporting and mapping needs of all departments throughout a company. Produce a professional package with standard and custom reports and maps, personalize with logos and cover sheets and quickly email or print from one service. Same day customer service and support is provided ensuring all users are able to receive assistance and meet deadlines.

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Sentry Dynamics has the expertise and technical infrastructure to incorporate data and maps into custom data solutions. Contact us to learn how to integrate high quality, frequently updated data with third party services or proprietary systems.

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Many companies, from Fortune 500 to local county operations, prefer geoAdvantage as their single source for mapping and property data that is affordable, efficient and provides same day customer service. To its 10,000+ users, Sentry Dynamics is a trusted resource and partner in success. Contact us today for a demonstration.